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Design & Technology


OTK Studio

is the design & technology practice of Oliver Thomas Klein. Through an understanding of visual sensibility, modern technology and functional design, Oliver creates digital products, identities and experiences that reflect the core values of those he collaborates with.
Mobile App

OTK Studio partnered with Reggie Watts to create WattsApp, an app that stands as the digital manifestation of Mr. Watts himself. Critical to this translation was the need for a digital platform that allowed Reggie to communicate emotions, thoughts and content with few, if any, limitations. The result is an app that supports the idea of Reggie as 'the curator' and the platform as 'the art gallery', with the framework built specially to scale and adapt with Reggie's imagination.

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Get Coaching
Mobile App

Sphere was created to democratise coaching and connect individuals with the right people to unlock their potential. Sphere's principal app provides an end-to-end experience that situates coaching in one location. From conversing with potential coaches to scheduling and experiencing powerful sessions, the app facilitates the coaching experience from beginning to beyond.

This product was built internally alongside the incredible team at Sphere, from 2018 to Present. Oliver's role includes art direction, strategy, product design & development.

Find a Coach

At Sphere we know that finding a coach is the primary boundary between intrigue and action. So, we created a digital platform that works in harmony alongside the Sphere app, empowering users to find their best-fit coaches whilst simultaneously leveraging best practices to deepen our search engine optimisation and conversion funnel.

This product was built internally alongside the incredible team at Sphere, from 2019 to Present. Oliver's role includes art direction, strategy, product design, development & photography.

Seeker Stories

Seeker Stories is a series of interviews and portraits that together represent Sphere's passion for people. Whilst the Sphere app does harness modern technology, the human connections made using Sphere are where the primary value for users is found. Seeker Stories talked to 10 guides and 10 seekers, giving them a space to speak openly about personal histories and the meaning they find through coaching. OTK Studio provided both the photographs and art direction for the project.

Compendium Studio

OTK Studio designed and developed the new website of Compendium Studio, using their own portfolio of holistic brand experiences to tell the story.


OTK Studio was commissioned by Provision to develop their brand identity in its entirety. Provision is a lifestyle brand and content platform for people who see the world of extreme sports as an interconnected whole. Through a powerful, contemporary wordmark, a cohesive colour palette, sourcing and producing photographs and providing complete brand guidelines, OTK Studio created the foundation to Provision's visual identity.

Art Direction